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Rosie Compact Brush Kit

Great little set of 7 pieces perfect for the handbag and travel! Beautiful, soft plastic bags with hibiscus design. Simply place the widget of your choice to the handle. Five aluminum and nylon brushes and sponge applicator to apply shadow to the eyes of a combination of aluminum and polyurethane. Size : 11 x 8.2…

Mini Make-up Brush Kit

Convenient set of brushes in a compact package will quickly touch up makeup throughout the day. The set consists of five mini-Brush: powder brush, blush brush, brush for applying shadow, brush and lipstick brush for eyeliner in a convenient carrying case. Size: 17 x 8 cm (folded) Product Code: 22168

Dazzle Floral Cosmetic Brush Holder

Stylish and comfortable: hand painted decorative stand with a glossy glaze – a great way to store cosmetic brushes, pencils and other necessary items close to hand. It holds up to 8 brushes Oriflame. Size : 7.6 x 7.6 x 7.5 cm Product Code: 28921

Brush Pen

3 mini-brush for eyebrows, eyeliner and shadows gather in one compact pen with a cap. A handy tool set for make-up “on the run”. Size : 13.1 x 1.1 cm Product Code: 28732