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Feet Up PediSmooth Foot File

Hard, rough skin? CURRENTLY softer, smooth skin FOOT – 95% agree. Remove the hard, rough skin quickly and easily with Feet Up PediSmooth Foot File, for immediate gentle, smooth skin, ready for the show.Hand sharpened to the battery to gently and effectively remove hard, rough skin, after which the feet remain soft and smooth. Stones…

Nourishing Hand Cleansing Wipes

Refreshing wipes in a convenient compact package cleanse and nourish your hands anywhere and at any time. Soft and biodegradable, these wipes are suitable for everyday family use. It consists of macadamia oil, for gentle moisturizing. Size :  15 pieces per pack Product Code: 31349             Ingredient List: AQUA, GLYCERIN, PHENOXYETHANOL,…

SoftCaress Protecting Hand Cleanse Gel

A convenient Hand Cleansing Gel with Macadamia Oil to clean and refresh hands without water. Helps to reduce bacteria. Leaves hands feeling refreshed and cleaned without a sticky residue. Formulated with alcohol to effectively clean hands without water. Size : 50 ml Product Code: 31346 Ingredient List: ALCOHOL DENAT., AQUA, PROPYLENE GLYCOL, GLYCERIN, PARFUM, CARBOMER, TROMETHAMINE,…

Antibacterial Hand Gel

Antibacterial hand gel that currently destroys 99.9% of bacteria without the use of water. Packing enough for 50 uses. Size :  50ml Product Code: 11286 Ingredients List: Alcohol denat., aqua, propylene glycol, parfum, carbomer, tromethamine, coumarin, citronellol