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Cupid Mouse Pad

The work will be to the heart with a pretty mouse pad. Size : 21 x 20.5 x 0.5 cm Product Code: 27184 Material: rubber

Hero Key Holder

Laconic silver key chain with black trim under the skin. Sliding lock makes it easy to fasten the key ring to the ring. Size : 7 х 2,2 х 0,5 cm Product Code: 14873

Hero Cufflinks

Elegant cufflinks in stripes will suit any business suit and a cufflink shirt. Size :  2,5 х 2 х 0,8 cm Product Code: 14868

Relaxing Bath Pillow

Inflatable pillow supports the head while taking a relaxing bath. 4 suction cups for a secure fit. Size : 53 x 39 cm Product Code: 28023 Material: EVA

Oriflame Makeup Wizard

Oriflame Makeup Wizard is your virtual makeup mirror. Designed exclusively by Oriflame Cosmetics, one of the world’s fastest growing beauty companies selling direct, the app allows you to virtually try Oriflame’s The ONE range of cosmetics on yourself or your customers. With Oriflame Makeup Wizard, the days of smudging products on the back of your…