Fiona Umbrella

Stay stylish even when the frowning sky! Mechanical umbrella in pastel shades with a picture of peacock feathers and pink round pen – a fashionable and feminine accessory. Size : 25 cm Product Code: 28798

Leonora Umbrella

Smile rain, hiding under colorful folding umbrella with colored patches a la leopard. Coloured handle with loop, bag included. Size : 22 cm Product Code: 27688 Material: Polyester

Bright Red Umbrella

Easy umbrella protects from rain and boredom! Bright fotoprint with a red dahlia, monophonic case. Size: 22 cm Product Code: 27707 Material: Polyester

Nora Umbrella

Summer storm will not catch you by surprise, Take with a lightweight umbrella with a beautiful fashionable print. Size : 25 cm Product Code: 28375

Cat Umbrella

Rain is not a reason to be sad – because you have a mechanical umbrella with bright orange and pink cats. The compact format in 3 addition. Sold in a case. For children. Size : 25.5 cm Product Code: 28799

Kitten Umbrella

Motley Children’s Umbrella with funny prints will turn a walk in the rain in a vivid event. Expands mechanically. Size : 42.8 cm Product Code: 28800