Brownie Bracelet

Feminine and sophisticated bracelet made of white metal with brown and white flowers, adorned with crystals. Size : 20 cm + 5 cm Product Code: 12705

Violet Lightness Bracelet

Elegant bracelet with purple shiny beads decorate your wrist. The length is adjustable. Ideal looks paired with beads of this collection.They do not contain nickel. Size : 20 cm + 5 cm Product Code: 15774 Material: ABS, glass

Ruffle Bracelet

Bracelet with beads and silver chocolate complement any image. Harmonious look with a necklace of this collection. It does not contain nickel. Size : suitable for all sizes Product Code: 15793 Material: ABS, iron  

Cluster Bracelet

Beads of different diameters are connected in an elegant bracelet.Do not contain nickel. Size : diameter  8 cm (stretchable) Product Code: 17753