Brownie Bracelet

Feminine and sophisticated bracelet made of white metal with brown and white flowers, adorned with crystals. Size : 20 cm + 5 cm Product Code: 12705 Advertisements

Violet Lightness Bracelet

Elegant bracelet with purple shiny beads decorate your wrist. The length is adjustable. Ideal looks paired with beads of this collection.They do not contain nickel. Size : 20 cm + 5 cm Product Code: 15774 Material: ABS, glass

Ruffle Bracelet

Bracelet with beads and silver chocolate complement any image. Harmonious look with a necklace of this collection. It does not contain nickel. Size : suitable for all sizes Product Code: 15793 Material: ABS, iron  

Cluster Bracelet

Beads of different diameters are connected in an elegant bracelet.Do not contain nickel. Size : diameter  8 cm (stretchable) Product Code: 17753