Dogtooth Gloves

This chic for true lady. Super finish attracts attention and adds to the look of sophistication and elegance. Suitable for all sizes. Size : 22 x 9 cm Product Code: 27364 Material: acrylic Advertisements

Shelly Gloves

Even stylish women want warm hands. Finish your winter look by slipping on these cosy burgundy woven gloves with champagne coloured faux leather-covered buttons and bindings. Size : universal size Product Code: 28559

Isa Faux Fur Gloves

Elegant and comfortable soft champagne-colored gloves with faux fur trim. Stylish accent to any wardrobe. Size : universal size Product Code: 28565

Chunky Mittens

Comfortable large knitted mittens bright. Perfect for those who want to keep hands warm. Size : 18 x 8 cm Product Code: 28456

Denim Blue Cropped Gloves

The perfect companion in the cold – a pair of mitts in soft shades of white and indigo. Ekstradlina protects the wrists and hands from cold, and user-friendly design makes it possible to use your smartphone without having to open the hand. Wear alone or combined with other accessories collection. Size : 29 x 9…