Caribal Pearl Ring

Pink pearl – the dream of every woman! Luxurious ring with a large pearl bead decorate your hand. Size: diameter of beads 1.5 cm Product Code: 16 13434, 17 13430, 18 13431, 19 13432, 20 13433 Advertisements

Brownie Ring

Let your hand at flower blossom elegant milky white with a crystal in the center. Ring size is adjustable. Size : flower diameter 1.8 cm Product Code: 12706

Samana Ring

Ability to select accessories – almost artistic talent. About it tells an elegant decoration with beads imitating pearl. Combine with earrings and a necklace of this collection. It does not contain nickel. Size : 16 – 20 Product Code: 16 15656, 17 16537, 18 16539, 19 16540, 20 16541

Snake Ring

The elegant curve of the silver-gray snake engraved with “serpent”, decorated with shimmering mysteriously smoky crystal. It does not contain nickel. Size : diameter 2 cm Product Code: 26512

Genevieve Ring

Like finding of fairy casket! Luxurious ring with colored crystals, Czech glass. Suitable for all sizes. It does not contain nickel. Size : inner diameter 1.7 – 2.1 cm Product Code: 27887

Studded Ring

Metal Decoration with gold-plated. It does not contain nickel. Size: adjustable Product Code: 18735  

Camelia Crystal Ring

Stylish ornament with a crystal champagne color. The organza bag. It does not contain nickel. Size : stretched from 16 to 18 size Product Code: 27525